Tileke Workshop

I did a workshop at the beginning of the summer with the textile artists Tileke Schwarz. Our first task was to make a collage , A3 in size about our likes and dislikes . We then went round the group and discussed are work. The next stage was to pick an image from the collage and choosing one colour make it A3 size. My colour was blue and image was of a boy skimming stones on the sea. We then placed them on the floor and talked about the designs. Our next task was to divide  a piece of paper into 12 small squares and on each square make a pattern out of lines or marks.

We did an exercise making a drawing of 10 animals you the had to rip it up into 4 pieces and pass one piece of paper on to the next person to and then from this new piece of drawing turn in to a market scene ie flags stalls etc. Tileke was trying to demonstrate how sometimes its good not to be so precious about your designs and if its not working to tear it up move it around.

We then moved on to actual embroidery and couching and some of her techniques. We made a collage of our basic design and then started on our own projects.

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